Make your website accessible today with A-WEB

A-WEB lives in a cloud and is non-invasive, such that all that is required by your IT department is to install a single line of script on your website. By doing so, when your website is loaded, the script will automatically “transform” your website to meet all required accessibility standards* by initiating A-WEB as a virtual layer on top of your website code to do the following:

  • Display the universal accessibility icon indicating that the website is accessible.
  • Prepare your website for use by screen readers and other accessibility tools
  • Display a customized accessibility end user menu that makes available a set of accessibility tools
  • 24/7 monitoring, notifications and reporting on accessibility violations
  • Automated and manual remediation without entering the source code

A-WEB is designed to comply with US Section 508, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and European Union Law EU 301549 that correlate with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). A-WEB is the only accessibility solution in the world with ISO 27001 Information Security certification, what makes it the most secured accessibility solution in the world.

* NOTE:  Occasionally certain manual adjustments must be made to sites to ensure WCAG 2.0 AA compatibility, and these can be made using our state of the art accessibility editor.

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A-WEB Features Basic
A-WEB Basic
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Number of webpages being monitored
Up to 500 webpages Up to 5,000 webpages Up to 50,000 webpages Up to 500,000 webpages

Number of back office users
Admin Admin Admin

Monitoring frequency for accessibility report issues
Once a month Once a month Twice a month Once a week

End user accessibility menu
Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark

Number of default languages for end user accessibility menu
1 2 3 5

Support 25 unique users per second
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Option for additional A-WEB unique users per second
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Work flow tasks panel
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Option for On-premise/ Private Cloud Service

Online Dashboard
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Number of back office administrative users
Admin Admin Admin Admin

Editor for creating new accessibility patches
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Archive 1 month
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Technical support
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ISO 27001 Security Information Certification
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WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance
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A-WEB Menu


A-WEB Advantages:

  • Works entirely on the client side.
  • The solution can work on premise and on SaaS.
  • The solution can support any number of websites and web platforms without limitation on number of pages per website.
  • Easy and fast setup with no need for programmers.
  • Supports automatic stop for all animation, flashes, and blinking parts.
  • Supports manual changes by the end user for color contrast and font size. Includes menu support for English & additional languages per request.
  • Friendly UI for the management team – collect tool usage statistics.
  • Tested and supports all major browsers including tablets & smartphone browsers.
  • Remembers customer preferences.
  • Updates to support any changes to laws without requiring programmers.
  • Secure communication – all communication with key servers is based on SSL.
  • No new systems to learn, support, or maintain.
  • The fastest tool on the market.
  • Include ISO 27001 Information Security certification.


Our GSA schedule contract number is GS-35F-0143R. You may download our GSA Catalog from here.