A-CHECK Technical Overview

One of the challenges a website holder experiences is the no guarantee that a site will automatically sync with the accessibility compliance as section 508C, Accessibility carriers, ADA compliance and more simply due to page editing. The notifications can be configured on a daily, weekly, or immediate basis. Flagged issues are aggregated in Make Sense databases, categorized by domain, page, and violation type. These can be viewed by accessing the Make Sense A-Check dashboard.

A-Check provides a complete platform solution for detection and monitoring along suggested resolutions on how to resolve raised accessibility issues, which are detected by the Make Sense platform. The Smart Editor will provide a suggested resolution for each diagnosed violation and a prevention mechanism from reoccurring future incidents. The resolution can be automatic with no user intervention or interaction with manual editing specifications. As resolutions are published, they are compiled and integrated on the next A-Web run, which will apply the actions to gain full site accessibility compatible.

Make Sense is proud to present A-Check: your ultimate plug and play dedicated SaaS accessibility solution platform providing diagnostics, monitoring and suggested solutions on how to transform sites to an accessible and compatible WCAG 2.0+ compliance.

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