A-DOC Technical Overview

One of the growing challenges in our industry is converting published PDF and Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.) those are not user-friendly for the visually impaired, or WCAG-compliant. When these documents are created, the formats lose semantics, resulting in no screen reader with capabilities on how to convert tables, paragraphs, headings, and more.

A-Doc by Make Sense is your ultimate answer. With the use of heuristic analysis and conversion, any PDF or Microsoft office file can be converted into a semantical and readable format.

A-Doc’s powerful engine reads incoming requests arriving from the web or background scheduler, and generates a semantically-readable content from provided URL or streams based on 2 encoding base64 and binary octet streams. The final result appears in 2 types of forms, the first HTML in a visual view resembles the actual document only with a fixed layout. It looks the same, however, it is written entirely in HTML. This view is mostly used by individuals that wish to receive a fully document compatible in HTML version, which can be manipulated via the Make-Sense’s A-Web widget, embedded inside the view. The second is a markdown response that gives the user the option to generate his/her own preferred visual display commonly used on mobile apps, and is built specifically for screen readers.

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