Make-Sense, the world’s leading digital accessibility platform, announced today its award-winning product will be available immediately in the Microsoft Azure Market Place. Make-Sense reduces the complexity and costs associated with making digital assets available for users with special needs announced.

The Make-Sense digital accessibility platform is fully secure and offers organizations the ability to open their web properties and online content to all users according to WCAG 2.0+ guidelines. Its proprietary functions have been adopted by Israeli code 5568, and according to the U.S. code W3C and European Union regulation EU301549, ADA and Section 508. By installing one code line in a secure manner on its website properties all digital assets are made accessible in a private and secure manner to users with special needs.

One of the main reasons Make-Sense has joined the Microsoft Market Place is that as a cloud-based platform, it is compliant with the protected safety national law IS027001 GDPR, protecting from existing and future cyber attacks, as well as protecting information gathered from users and all digital assets. The platform also offers easy navigation and friendly access to all supporting departments of an organization offering help for users.

Make-Sense is the first and only digital accessibility platform currently offered in the Microsoft Azure Market Place, allowing organizations using Microsoft to add Make-Sense as a simple, fully integrated and automated plug-in for their website properties. “This is the most secure and protected platform available that addresses digital accessibility needs.” said David Adi, CEO, Make-Sense. “We give folks with special needs direct and live access to all content while securely fixing the accessibility issues on the spot.”

About Make-Sense

Make-Sense assists organizations in reducing the complexity and costs associated with accessible web properties, allowing for full digital accessibility in compliance with all legal rules and regulations. With over 1.3 billion people worldwide with special needs, Make-Sense opens the digital gates for them to fully experience websites and online properties without being limited by visual or other constraints. The mission of the company is to allow full access to all information without limitations.

Founded in 2016, Make-Sense developed a proprietary award-winning platform that got the attention of government organizations, banks, universities, and hospitals. The platform has been adopted by W3C and +WCAG 2.1 and been recognized by the European Union, the U.S. Government and many other countries around the globe.

The platform offers accessibility tools for any website allowing a complete digital experience for its users, creating equal opportunity for all to access online content. Beyond addressing the digital experience, Make-Sense is a secure digital accessibility platform that offers constant scanning of static and dynamic content simultaneously and automatically fixes accessibility issues in a live matter.