Why digital accessibility is a problem?

Digital accessibility refers to the ability of digital content to be easily read and understood by anyone.

The problem we face today is that digital content is not accessible.

In conjunction with internet growth and available information, it’s no surprise that assistive technologies such as screen readers and mouse alternatives were suddenly in high demand. Unfortunately, screen readers and other assistive technologies could not read web information clearly, correctly, or perhaps not at all. This civil rights violation in equal online opportunity created an uproar that needed to be addressed quickly.

Countries worldwide began adopting a newly created set of rules, regulations, and guidelines made to ensure accessibility. As these changes were being slowly adopted, companies were beginning to face lawsuits and fines for discriminating against those with disability. The urgency and pressure to act increased.

In order to achieve digital accessibility, companies need to analyze their existing online content and rebuild in compliance to the new standards. To do this correctly, developers must study the rules & guidelines, receive training, and then begin the tedious work. Digital accessibility is taking up too much time and costing companies too much money.

Make-Sense educates the team, saves time, and saves money all while solving digital accessibility.

Make-Sense web accessibility solutions suite saves time:
We supply automatic remediation to any website, list the errors, present the location of each error, present the incorrect line of code, provide our correct line of code, along with step-by-step instructions for implementing in your source code. Not only does this solution work as tool to fix website’s quickly, but it allows developers to build their accessibility knowledge.
The platform provides different capabilities to help with project management. A-Check dashboard monitors errors, tracks team progress, understands the impact of the errors, and generates reports. A project manager can assign roles, permissions, and projects to different team members.
Our primary social impact is granting equal online opportunity to people with disabilities. We hope to make all digital content in the world accessible using our technology. As we understand, this will take time, so our A-ToGo chrome extension is there for anyone with disability browsing inaccessible websites. They can use this tool on any website making the page more accessible.

Make-Sense web accessibility solutions suite is cost efficient:
Being a SaaS solution, our price model offers an annual fee. Our price model is more affordable than other solutions and offers more capabilities.

Currently there are solutions in the market that deal with web accessibility by fixing the source code or by using a server side solutions which have a lot of disadvantages. In addition, as far as we know, there is no accessibility monitoring solution available. This assures that when changes are made to the given web content, our system would immediately flag any accessibility violation that could arise. Our solution would notify the team immediately to keep you always in compliance.

Our goal is that we will provide a company all the necessary tools and information to make their content accessible on their own terms. We offer many different packages that are made to fit any companies wants and needs.

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