Make-Sense Brings On Chief Growth Officer Consultant

Philadelphia, PA – March 7, 2019: Make-Sense, a digital accessibility platform that reduces the cost and complexity of digital accessibility projects, today announced that Ofir Tahor is joining the team as Chief Growth Officer (CGO) Consultant.

“We are thrilled to announce that Ofir is joining our staff, and look forward to working with him to bring the Make-Sense platform to new heights,” said David Adi, CEO of Make-Sense. “Ofir brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and technology, and we know he’ll make a wonderful addition to our team as we look to expand.”

Tahor is a serial entrepreneur and former co-founder and CEO of Shopial. He then moved on to Magento after they acquired Shopial, before joining Adobe in 2016. In his role with Make-Sense, he will help support the company as it continues to grow globally.

“I am very excited at the opportunity to work with Make-Sense while making a positive impact on digital accessibility for all web users,” said Tahor. “I believe strongly in Make-Sense’s vision for creating a better web, and I see big things ahead for the platform.”

Make-Sense’s complete, automated and secure digital accessibility software helps organizations comply with critical WCAG 2.0+ guidelines as specified by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and embedded by Section 508 and Accessibility and Disability Act (ADA) Title III. By implementing just a single secure line of code, Make-Sense reduces the cost and complexity of achieving digital accessibility for any website, and most applications.

About Make-Sense

Make-Sense helps organizations reduce the complexity and costs associated with digital accessibility while ensuring compliance with laws and guidelines. Inspired by the 1.3 billion people worldwide with limitations that affect their ability to experience digital content as intended, the Company’s mission is to make all digital content accessible for all users. Founded in 2016, Make-Sense created an award-winning platform that helps customers adhere to WCAG 2.0+ guidelines specified by the W3C that have been adopted by the US Government, the European Union, and many other countries around the world. Our fully accessible platform was designed to allow anyone to work with our tools to build more accessible digital experiences, and to create equal job opportunities for everyone. It is also the only digital accessibility platform that scans both static and dynamic content continuously, and automatically fixes issues in real time. To learn more, visit

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