[January 21, 2020] – Make-Sense is pleased to announce its acceptance into the Newchip inc, Accelerator — a web- and mobile-based accelerator program that connects startups with investors through Newchip Connect. Newchip seeks to drive long-term success for startups through personalized training on wide-ranging aspects of raising capital, identifying the right investors, and building a scalable business.

Founded in 2016, Make-Sense developed an award winning digital accessibility platform that brings websites and digital documents into compliance with design and coding standards that promote an equal digital experience for all. Being the most secure platform on the market, Make-Sense quickly resonated with government organizations, banks, Insurance companies, retail locations, e-commerce organizations, universities and hospitals. The company was recognized by the Zero Project, a United Nations initiative, for its contributions to a digital world without  barriers. Additionally, Make-Sense has gained recognition from the U.S. Government and the European Union for its work towards a more equal digital world.

“It’s an honor to have Newchip believe in the Make-Sense mission and platform,” says Make-Sense Founder and CEO David Adi. “With the skills and tools we gain through the program, we can grow Make-Sense and help ensure that the digital space is accessible for all people.” 

Make-Sense will participate in the most advanced track of Newchip’s latest cohort, determined based on stage, traction and trajectory of an applicant’s business. Newchip’s innovative model of connecting an accelerator to an investment platform has resulted in a network of 100,000 investors and helped generate more than $100 million in startup funding.

About Make-Sense

Make-Sense helps organizations reduce the complexity and costs associated with digital accessibility while ensuring compliance with laws and guidelines. Inspired by the 1.3 billion people worldwide with limitations that affect their ability to experience digital content as intended, the Company’s mission is to make all digital content accessible for all users. The Make-Sense platform helps clients adhere to WCAG 2.0+ guidelines specified by the W3C that have been adopted by the US Government, the European Union, and many other countries.

Make-Sense provides the only digital accessibility platform that continuously scans both static and dynamic content, and automatically fixes issues in real-time. To learn more, visit